I have discovered that most modern anatomy books today have great text (loads of information), great photos (of models) but the drawings and the visual interpretations are not always so useful and succinct. This photo I scanned from a modern anatomy book that is in print. I used this photo for my students to draw on top of. My students are encouraged to draw the skull first on one sheet of tracing paper then all the muscles on another. Everything must be labeled.


This is a drawing of a skull I did on top of the photo. This is the kind of correction I make. The students do all their drawings on tracing paper and/or vellum. On my assignment, I have placed  a number of registration marks. The following week, I will hand back to them the correction I drew. From there, they can simply place their drawing on tracing paper on top of my correction and correct their own. I used to go over each students drawing individually  but this was way too time consuming.


Another drawing assignment I made for my students... both portraits are drawings of mine done in the studio. It's important for me to do all my drawings from life. Again, the students are to draw on top of these portraits in tracing paper the skull first and then on a separate piece of paper, all the muscles. Note the registration marks so the student can properly align their drawing...


Correction of the skull for the drawing on the left.


Correction of the muscles for the drawing on the left. Again, these are all my own drawings.


More of my own drawings converted into anatomy assignments for my students with corrections.


I make sure that the skeleton I draw, properly aligns with the figure I drew from life and matches key visual points found on the living.

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